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Administration of the System includes activities related to configuration and changes of configurations and nomenclatures:



Administration is performed only by authorized employees of your organization.


As an authorized user of the system you have access to the administrative settings in two ways:

by Administration menu on the Home screen, or

using the shortcut buttons on the Admin bar, located at the bottom of the Home screen.

Here you can find information on the following basic administrative functions that you have short cut access to:

1)Registry "Branches"

2)Registry "Banks"

3)Registry "Clients"

4)Registry "Users"

5)Administration of rules for expenses and limits

6)Review and modification in exchange rates (Integration may require connection to the Core system of your organization)

Note: Each user has a different level of access in BINETIX PTM, so you may not see some menus or access certain System functions as shown here. Access levels are pre-designed and preliminary set.

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