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Home screen and working session

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The System provides different ways to get started from the menu bar located at the top of the screen. Also, you have quick and direct access to features that you can find from your personal home screen. Depending on your role in the organization, you will obtain full or partial access rights to various System functions.

Note: The screenshot below illustrates an example of System Home screen which is configured to work with the module "Documentary Operations" (see Modules).



The main screen is organized in the following working parts:

1. Rollbar - a visual component in the upper left corner of the working plot that provides quick and easy navigation between the various functional modules of the System. The new component completely replaces the traditional "drop-down menus" and so only with the movement of the mouse the user can access the desired functionality.



2. Bar with accessible modules - each system module of PTM provides various functionalities to users. For example, the module “Documentary operations” provides functions for processing of all types of LOCs, Bank Collections, Bank Guarantees, internal Orders, maturities, Values date, Accounting operations and etc. Unlike previous versions, here PTM offers a flexible visual interface for grouping and access to the capabilities of the respective modules.

3. Information of the working session.

4. Zone for quick access – an element in the middle of the working plot, which provides access to the functions of chosen module.

5. Zone for recently used functions – this functional enhancement allows users from home screen to gain quick access to recently used functions from different modules. Recently selected functions are supported by the System only within the user session.


Working session

The working session in BINETIX PTM is the time for which a System user can perform allowed set of operations


The working session is automatically started by the system and is always individual to each user - this means that two users cannot use the System with the same username from different workstations. When trying to sign-in from another workstation, the second user would receive a System message.

It is important to pay attention to the technological feature that working sessions in Web applications are managed with the participation of the web browser. If two varieties of web browsers are running on the same computer, for example Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer, the System will identify the two browsers as two different workplaces.

Validity of the working session

Mainly for security reasons, Working Sessions in the System have a fixed validity upon user inactivity.

This validity is fixed at 20 minutes, which is counted from the last active user action on the working screen. This means that if a user frequently performs operations with the working screen, the session validity will be restarted continuously.

Expired work sessions are automatically closed by the System. This results in an automatic exit from the working screen and the user has to log-in the System again with his username and password.

Some exceptions that System Users should pay attention to

- When you are finish your work, ALWAYS exit the SYSTEM with the LOG OUT button located in the Title bar. Do not close the browser as a program from the [X] button at the top right. Closing the Web Browser does not always result in automatic closing of the working session, and this may result in blocking the username for a certain amount of time - the validity time remaining for the current session. If this happens, wait for the System to provide you with re-access.

- If you do not get access to the main screen for more than 20 minutes despite the correct username and password, please contact your administrator for additional instructions.

- If you enter a wrong user name or password, the System will report this incident as a security breach and return an error message.

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