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Welcome to BINETIX® PTM™

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Dear users,

BINETIX® PTM™ is ERP platform for automating financial operations and their associated transactions, business processes, associated documents, and supports variety of payment channels and services which can enable your organization to operate on the national and international markets.

Through PTM™, you can manage business processes for:

Management of Financial transactions - Corporate, Group, Postal, Cash and Non-cash transactions, and etc.;

Issuing and obtaining Bank Guarantees, Letters of credit, Bank collections;

Sending and receiving money transfers through external payment systems through MoneyGram® and Eurogiro®;

Generating and obtaining of Report information;

Administration of resources, nomenclatures and system users;

and more...

According to your job position and role, as an employee of your organization, you will gain access to certain operations, functions and resources of the System. If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact your IT administrator.

Who is this document intended for and what information does it provide?

This document is a specialized functional specification for use of the product BINETIX® PTM™ versions 2020 and newer.

The document has no general purpose and is intended for use only by experts who are well acquainted with the matter, business processes and technical details of financial, accounting and SWIFT operations. In this sense, the document should serve as a tool to help and guide such experts in working with PTM™ platform.

This document has been developed by BINETIX LLC and its original is maintained and distributed only at

BINETIX reserves the right to change and update the content of the document at any time according to user needs and the company's strategy for product development and product documentation.




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