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1)Click the "Clients" button on the Home screen:


2)Register new, or change an existing client in BINETIX PTM:


From the "Clients" screen, you can make settings and changes.  

A list of all Clients available in the System is displayed when you enter the Clients screen.

By pressing the "Filter" button, you initiate the search screen. You enter search criteria. By clicking on the "Apply filter" button - you perform the search. By pressing the "Clear filter" button you clear the entered criteria in the filter.

After you mark the result you found, the System allows you to do the following:

Create a new with the button "New";

Change the attributes of the tagged result with the "Change" button. When you click on the "Change" button, you enter corrections. The "Save" and "Cancel" buttons are activated so you can complete your actions either by saving the current change or by rejecting it.

Save the information in a spreadsheet on your computer with the button "Export to Excel".

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