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Rules for expenses and limits

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1)Click the "Rules for expenses and limits" button on the Home screen:


2)Register new, or change an existing rule:


Fields with an asterisk (*) are mandatory -

The BINETIX PTM platform has multiple payment channels. When using the System, you have access to the following channels (Position 1):

Letters of credit - import and export

Collection - import and export

Bank guarantees

Specify the payment channel for which you want the selected expenses and limits rule to apply.

The tax-type nomenclature can be synchronized with the core-system of the organization you are working for.

From the drop-down list, you can choose fees such as:

Fee for processing

Fee for changing documents

Fee for SWIFT processing

and other...

These fees are exemplary. The list contains the actual fees that can be used when setting expense and limit rules.

Fee rules can be set as a percentage or as a fixed value.

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